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DOT/NON- DOT Physicals Same Day Service

Motor Carriers:

Choosing Allied Health & Rehab for your drivers DOT physicals is a win win situation for you and your drivers. You will increase your earning potential because our price is more than 10-15% less than the other providers in the area. Your drivers will be certified by a trained medical examiner.

We are a one stop shop where drivers can get their physicals and drug tests done within the same facility. Our service is fast and efficient.

Our staff is trained by TeamCME to perform CDL/DOT /Non-DOT physicals and drug tests according to FMCSA standards and regulations. Dr Charles has certified many drivers in the Panhandle area.

Same day appointment

Onsite service provided for 10 physicals or more. Please call us for more details.


We will provide all the forms you need at the time of your appointment. However, if you would like to speed up the process, you can print and fill in the driver’s information and health history of your own copy of the DOT Physical Form by visiting the following link:

Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination

At the end of your physical exam, you will be given a copy of your Medical Examiner’s Certificate to send to your employer. If your employer also requires a copy of the examination form, we will provide you with a medical release form that you will sign to allow us to send a copy of the Medical Examination Report of Commercial Driver Fitness Determination to your employer.

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