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The Soba Technique In Chiropractic

The soba technique was created and perfected by Dr. Martine Charles. It’s a secret sauce adapted from lay chiropractors in a Northern Haitian village.

The village was very primitive. There were no doctors, nurses, or any access to medical care. Yet, many of the villagers were some of the best natural healers.

They focused primary on the spines as the source of most diseases and sicknesses. They understood once the spine of the individual is out of alignment, all the systems in the body start acting up.

Those lay chiropractors used empty glass bottles and certain techniques to manipulate and align the spines. It often takes several visits. But they knew exactly when the spine is in perfect alignment.

They call the final touch Soba. It’s a creole word that is very common among the natural healers in Haiti.

Dr. Charles spent hours studying the villager process. As a result, she developed her own proprietary technique which is now known as the Soba Technique.

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