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Chiropractic Care Created Precisely For You

If you were in a car accident in Tallahassee or Quincy, we are sorry to hear about it. Let’s make sure you are okay. Whether you are in pain or not, give us a call so we can share with you how to proceed.

Often, you don’t feel pains right after an accident. Please do not assume you are fine. Your spine, neck, or shoulders can sustain injuries that take a long time before you can feel the pain. It may take from one month up to a year for the pain to manifest.

Let Dr. Charles do a comprehensive evaluation of your body to determine your level of injury. Your insurance company gives you up to 15 days to see a chiropractor to assess your condition.

It’s important to get it done now before it’s too late. You have the right to receive proper treatment and fair compensation. Do not procrastinate! Pain and discomfort can set you back and slow you down from your everyday activities.

Why Is It Critical To See A Chiropractor Right After The Accident?

The reality is, an attorney will not see you until you have papers proving you sustain injuries. That’s the best way they can assess your case.

We have excellent working relationships with several of the top attorneys in Tallahassee. Here’s why we work close with reputable lawyers:

To speed up the process, your attorney and chiropractor must be in sync. There are lots of paperwork involved. You don’t want to be the person bringing papers back and forth between offices. That can end up in frustration.

It’s critical that they communicate with each other so they can speed up the process. Above all, you want people who represent you and have your best interest at heart. You don’t want people who are looking out for each other.

Why A Chiropractor Versus A Medical Doctor?

Most people don’t know the reason they should go to a chiropractor after an accident. They think a medical doctor is the best option.

A chiropractor receives his or her training with a laser focus on the alignment of the body’s frame. That’s their specialty.

In an auto accident, the typical injuries happen because of a shift or a joint dislocation. That can result in all sort of problem to your health.

It takes an expert whose single focus is on the realignment of your system to get you quick results and reliefs.

Yes, some chiropractors are only concerned about how many visits and how much money they can make. When they see you, they see the dollar sign.

Here at Allied Healthcare and Rehab, we demand all our associates to put people first. Compassion and empathy are the two words we make front and center of our business practice.

Don’t worry. We are not going to waste your time on unnecessary visits to our office. Your treatment depends on what your diagnosis reveals to us. No more. No less.

That said, come by and allow us to prove it to you. We will make the process easy and pleasurable for you.

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